About me

My passion for design started at an early age, always crafting and playing around with pencils!

During my study years, I followed a graphic education but eventually took a different path … Being creative was always appealing to me, and the last few years I have been busy developing myself as a versatile front-end web developer and designer.

I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from designing and visualizing ideas, and shaping an attractive online ‘business card’ for a company or organization.

That is how, I got the idea to start Digi Dodo! The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is one of the most famous extinct animal species. This large flightless bird was found only in Mauritius and is a symbol for the extinction of animal species!

You don’t want your company to become a “digital dodo” right? Nowadays, it is a must to be found online as a company. If a potential customer cannot find you online, chances are that they will go to a competitor!

Feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting in which we can see together what we can do for your company!

For the development of a website, I use the following software: